GHSAlerts APP Frequently Asked Questions

GHScanner Frequently Asked Questions!

Occasionally our users and subscribers have questions about the services that we provide both free and paid.  This page while not ll inclusive includes some of the more common questions, or help topics that we come across. 

Here is a link to the Facebook Help Page on subscriptions.  GHScanner doesn't have access or ability to cancel, or help with the subscriptions through Facebook.




If you are an alerts subscriber through PayPal you can cancel your subscription through us using the Contact Us link on our website or the button in our app that says Contact Us. Make sure to give us your name, and email address used in the app to locate your account. 

You can also go to PayPal and cancel your subscription through them.  Here is a link to their help page on that subject.

Our app is based on username and password.  Occasionally, you may have either logged out of the app, or have not logged into it at all with a new device.  You must be logged into the app with your username and password you subscribed with.  This will help you get alerts.

The GHScanner Alerts are also data / web based.  If you are in an area that has spotty cell phone data coverage, you may not get the alerts until you are in an area that has better coverage. 

All of our alerts are based on our team members being able to catch what is going on out there through all of our sources.  This includes the scanner radio traffic and our network/agencies partners.  If we do not have staff online, or available, this may result in less alerts being sent out. 

Another possibility is that there are no priority calls, or calls that are in our scope of what we send out as alerts.  Remember, minor calls, especially medical ones, are not sent out as alerts.  There are just days we sit here monitoring and absolutely nothing happens. 

For all subscriptions, both through Facebook and PayPal the GHScanner Head Admin/Owner has to manually enter the subscription feature for new subscriptions.  This could take up to 12 hours depending on when you subscribed, or availability of the admin to get to the subscription.  We try to do this as soon as possible and within a 12 hour period. 

If you are a Facebook Subscriber, make sure to message our page or use the contact us feature in the app to contact us and have your GHSAlerts activated.  GHSAlerts App features are available to Facebook Subscribers, but we have to match up the user from Facebook to a registered app user.  We do perform an audit every other week to try and find users to activate, but the process is not easy.

Facebook Subscriptions allow our page fans to get instant notifications of posts we make directly to #Subscribers and initially are only shared to subscribers and not the general public.  These are major alerts such as car accidents, structure fires etc... 

Our GHScanner App alerts subscriptions through PayPal provide more alerts that just the priority ones.  We provide CPR and major trauma calls, bridge openings, car accidents and all of the other priority calls that do not always make it to Facebook.  Our first alert priority is our subscribers that help support our services we provide.

The app provider that we use currently does not have the ability to differentiate the ad system between user types. While it is definitely a feature we have been pushing for and want ourselves, it is not something they have been able to implement.   On the plus side, our app only has local business and advertisers so you are supporting not only us, but our local businesses. 

Since our app is user/login based, all users are required to register to use the app.  GHScanner provides at no cost to the registered user access to our County Online Scanner and Cities Online Scanner and major community affected alerts and bridge openings. 

Our Alerts Subscribers ($4.99 Monthly) get access to all of the above with the addition of our All County Online Scanner, Re-player saved online scanner radio traffic access and our GHSAlerts.  Alerts such as traffic collisions, structure fires, robberies, major medical calls, fights and much more as instant notification through the app. 

This is specifically listed in our terms of use of the app - NO.  Users pay and help support GHS to get our instant alerts and service.  Screenshots and sharing of our alerts that are exclusive to our subscribers defeats the purpose of supporting GHS and its programs.  

Social media becomes a free for all and can become a hostile place for certain topics.  GHScanner does its best to keep the community informed, but also protects victims and others from social media persecution.  Not all alerts are suitable for social media and our staff have to go through months of training before they can make posts to our system, and that includes learning how to be social media responsible.  Once we have made a public non #Subscribers post, that information is now shareable. 

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