DUI ends in Drug Arrest Thursday.


A few questions to Grays Harbor Scanner came in yesterday in regards to police activity at the Dollar Tree on Simpson Ave.  The result of that activity ended with a woman arrested for DUI and drug charges. 

On 9-21-17 at 1012 hours, Aberdeen Police Officers were dispatched to a DUI on the Chehalis River Bridge.  Dispatch further advised the suspect vehicle was a white Dodge passenger vehicle.  The suspect vehicle struck another vehicle on Sumner Avenue and then continued on.  The victim vehicle was standing by and the suspect vehicle was in the Dollar Tree Parking lot in Aberdeen.  

Officers contacted the suspect who told them that she was "coming down from heroin" which she had used the night before.  The suspect was identified as a 23-year-old woman with a Westport address.  She told the officers that she was also on medications.  She had several prescription pill bottles with her.  She explained that she had an argument with her boyfriend.  She stated she had taken a pill called Citalopram and aslo stated she has prescriptions for muscle relaxers and anxiety.  
The suspect stated that she knew she had hit someone and thought the person was following her to the parking lot.  The suspect was arrested for Hit and Run.  She was searched incident to arrest and suspected Heroin was found on her person.  She should be arraigned today on multiple charges.
Numerous witnesses provided statements to Officers showing a pattern of dangerous driving by the suspect and were very helpful in the investigation.

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