2023 Primary Elections Cadidate Filings Closing In




If you were thinking you could make a change by running for office in the primary elections this year, your time is running out. 

The deadline is end of the day tomorrow and many seats are either going unopposed or not being filled in general. 

Hoquiam Mayor Ben Winkelman is running for re-election and as of Thursday, is unopposed.  Looking at the Montesano Mayor seat, the currently only councilman Tyler Trimble is on the ticket for mayor.  Cosmopolis is showing currently Linda Springer as the only community member running for their mayor. If no other person submits their name for candidacy, these will all run unopposed. 

The city of Aberdeen has had several persons who have submitted their name for the top slot of Mayor, a position that rarely is given much praise in this day of criticism.  Debi Ann Pieraccini, Dee Anne Shaw and Douglas C Orr have all declared their intent to run for mayor. 
The City of Elma is seeing two contenders right now for mayor, Josh Collette and john Heater.  

The city of Westport is also not short on candidates with currently Edward Welter, Greg Barnes, Brennan Jarnes and Rose Jensen who have all thrown their names into the hat for mayor. 

For a current listing of all positions being filed for, click on this link https://voter.votewa.gov/CandidateList.aspx?e=882&c=14

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