Pacific County Drug Task Force Arrests 2 for drug trafficking.


Monday night October 10th 2023, the Pacific County Drug Task Force arrested two individuals who were the subject of an investigation into the import and sale of substantial amounts of controlled substances into Pacific County.


The Task Force stopped a vehicle known to be operated by the suspects in this case. Both of the individuals under investigation were present in the vehicle. Even though both individuals were known to the Detectives, they provided false information about their identities.
A search warrant was served on the vehicle. Evidence found within the vehicle led to the controlled substance charges and the deadly weapon enhancement.

Both individuals were booked into the Pacific County Jail and are facing charges of possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver while armed with a deadly weapon and criminal impersonation in the first degree.

The Pacific County Drug Task Force is made up of Law Enforcement Officers from the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office, Raymond Police Department, Long Beach Police Department, and South Bend Police Department. This investigation, as well as several previous investigations, was successful in part from information received by the community. The Drug Task Force can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 360-642-9300 ext. 2847 (sources may remain confidential).


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