Aberdeen Police Use Drone To Detect Burglary Suspects, Officers Arrest 2


A 53-year-old and 43-year-old Aberdeen residents are in custody this morning for breaking into a building downtown in the 100-block of S. “I” Street over the weekend.


At about 1:00am Saturday morning, an employee for the downtown building was off-site when he observed two males on the second floor of the building through their surveillance cameras.  The police were notified and responded with the assistance of the Cosmopolis Police Department and a Grays Harbor County K9 unit.  An officer from the Aberdeen drone team was on duty at the time so he immediately deployed a drone to provide overhead watch of the building and surrounding area.

As officers began searching the building, the drone pilot observed two heat signatures, which were the two suspects seen on the camera, enter onto the roof.  Officers and the K9 unit worked their way to the roof access where the two suspects were located and arrested without further incident.  Suspected methamphetamine was located on one of the suspects.  Both suspects were transported and booked into the Aberdeen jail.

Officers interviewed the two suspects who acknowledged they entered the building and tilted one of the surveillance cameras down to avoid being seen.  One of the suspects advised they fled to the roof once police arrived because they did not want to be caught inside the building.

Both suspects are charged with Burglary 2nd degree and are pending transport to the Grays Harbor County Jail.  The 43-year-old suspect was also charged in Aberdeen Municipal Court for possession of a controlled substance.


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